Hailed from the UK, Nilmance was founded in 2016 by Mike Yeung when he returned to his hometown Hong Kong. The core design philosophy of Nilmance is based on needs and functions. Yeung takes inspiration from daily lives, by observing the interaction between garments and human movements. Whilst challenging the industrial impression of traditional functional clothing, his designs demonstrate a perfect integration between technology and the day-to-day wardrobe. Nilmance highlights materials that serve the purpose of water-resistance, the lightweight yet durable material was created especially for an urban city wardrobe. With functional fabrics, Nilmance designs are served as an ideal for the ever-changing climate and environment. From a water and wind resistant blazer to an anti-bacterial shirt, each garment created by Nilmance celebrates a harmonious marriage between function and beauty and strikes a balance between fashion and durability.

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