Payment Information & Online Order Processing

Pricing & Currency

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. 

Payment Methods

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Wire Transfers. Please note only one 1 form of payment method may be used on a single order.

For information on paying via Wire Transfer, please contact

Charging Your Card

Once your order has been placed, the necessary funds are held under a form of pre-authorization. This is not an actual charge. The pre-authorization ensures that sufficient funds will be available to carry out the transaction.
Once your order has been shipped, your card is charged according to the amount of your order. 

Product Availability

The items available on are subject to change. Due West has gone through extensive effort to integrate its stock in real-time with the web store.  Despite this effort, items that appear available on the web store might be out of stock.  If this occurs, Due West will refund the complete amount and the customer will be notified immediately.

Order Validation

We use a third party security software to validate information submitted while placing an online order. Our verification systems are in place to verify the buyers identity and to protect the buyer from any fraudulent transactions. 

Order Cancellation

If your order is unfortunately cancelled, DUE WEST will release the pre-authorization immediately. Please note that it may take your bank additional time to process the funds back to your account.

Customers may cancel or make changes to their order within 24 hours from when the item was purchased, unless the item has already left our warehouse. If changes need to be made, please contact us as soon as possible.  To cancel, or make any changes, customers must contact us through our customer service telephone number or email address:

1 877 655 3963

416 593 8400


 Personal Information

All information shared with DUE WEST when placing an order is confidential. We use secure systems in order to insure that details pertaining to your accounts remain private. For more information on our secure network please visit our Terms of Service section.


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