Greg Lauren

Otherwise known as the nephew of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren, Greg Lauren celebrates almost 10 years since the start of his own eponymous line. However, the aesthetic of the two designers could not be more different. Lauren has been publicly crediting his collaborators and where he has found inspiration over the years.

"I started to look at how the African American experience has impacted me as a designer."

Greg Lauren's collections depict a beautiful and diverse POV of what true Americana is.

Creating a sustainable opposition against typical mens design, this deconstructed and distressed line is made from both excess virgin and deadstock fabrics that are then made into exceptionally unique garments. Known for the signature ripped-and-repaired concept, Lauren took this concept to the next level. After launching the GL Scrapwork program, a low-waste technique that uses cutting-room scraps that normally got thrown out, he launched GL Stitchwork, an effort that takes the scraps of those scraps and puts them to use.


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