Parajumpers Product Care

Congratulations on your new Parajumpers jacket! You've joined an exclusive club of people who stay extremely warm while looking stylish and chic. You've already done the most important part - Due Wests is proud to only carry authentic products, so you've already avoided any counterfeits

To ensure that your jacket stays in great condition, please read and follow the instructions on your care label and:

(1) Make sure your PJS is cleaned thoroughly. All remains of dirt, sweat and oils will degrade the fabrics.
(2) Air your garment on a wide hanger in a dry, dark environment before covering it in a breathable garment bag to protect it from dust and dirt
(3) If your garment is going to be kept in a tight space, please remove the detachable fur first and hang it separately in a plastic bag to avoid getting squished. After a long period of storage, the garment can be tumble dried on low heat with clean tennis balls to help the down regain its shape

For more information on Product Care click here

PJS is proud of their strict quality controls and stand behind their materials and workmanship. Your jacket is covered by a 2-year warranty, full details here. Please contact us with any questions regarding your PJS purchases


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