How to Spot a Fake Parajumpers Jacket

Parajumpers is a relatively young brand, however it is unfortunately already a target for counterfeiters. For this reason, the brand is at the front line of the battle to ensure authenticity, protecting the consumer.

Counterfeit products are not only illegal, they are also dangerous, putting the wearer at risk of exposure to non-sanitized down, fabrics colored with toxic substances, and, generally speaking, jackets that don't offer the right protection from cold weather.

Since Fall/Winter 2017, Parajumpers has used Certilogo technology to allow customers to check the authenticity of products. This can be done by inserting the 12-digit Certilogo code found on all products into or scanning the QR Code with your mobile phone. Both the CLG code and QR code are found on the authenticity label sewn inside the garment.

Jackets from Spring/Summer 2017 and earlier seasons:

Jackets from Fall/Winter 2017 and any newer seasons:


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