How to Spot a Fake Moose Knuckles Jacket

With countless counterfeit websites offering replicated Moose Knuckles jackets, it is very important to know how to spot a fake:

Always purchase from an authorized retailer. Due West is an Official Authorized Retailer of all Moose Knuckles merchandise. Shop in store or online at

Beware of the cost: In most cases (but not always) counterfeit jackets are often sold at prices much lower than authorized retailers sell for. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

After analysis of the contents of those copied products, it is easy to see that fillers are used in place of down, full of bacteria and other harmful substances. Moose Knuckles guarantees coats to protect against the harsh Canadian winters; no fur and no down means higher chances of frostbite or freezing.

Any Moose Knuckles products that come from an un-authorized retailer are not covered by warranty

Please also note that inside each new Moose Knuckles coat and jacket there is a hologram tag or RFID tag that acts as an authentic product identifier. If you do not see this then there is a chance your coat is a fake. To scan/check the code - please visit the Moose Knuckles website below:


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