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Canada Goose Size Guide

At Due West, we are here to help you find the perfect fit for your Canada Goose jacket. There are four fundamental fits: Regular Fit, Relaxed Fit, Slim Fit and Fusion Fit


1. Regular Fit: Garments which are designated regular fit are great for layering and are a good balance between Slim Fit and Relaxed Fit

2. Relaxed Fit: Canada Goose's largest fit and corresponding styles have been developed for layering in extreme weather and industrial applications. We recommend sizing down for everyday use

3. Slim Fit: These garments have an athletic cut and are designed to fit closer to the body. This fit maximizes mobility while maintaining core warmth.

4. Fusion Fit:
Designed for people with smaller body frames, Canada Goose worked with a team of apparel experts to develop Fusion Fit by analyzing 26 key body measurements and more than 16,000 scans of individuals from Korea, China and Japan. Jackets have a smaller hood, narrower chest, shorter sleeve length and shorter hem length


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