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Mad et Len

Mad Et Len Crystal & Calcite Pot Pourri Terre Noire

Infused with delicious fragrance, Mad et Len potpourris are stunning art objects as well as elegant ambassadors of scent. Porous Calcite and Crystal mix arrives in your choice of fragrance, along with a pure perfume recharge oil. Add fragrance as desired. All potpourris are cased in Mad et Len’s signature blackened iron vessels and topped with a handmade knobbed lid.

Embers dance like fireflies in the night, hover through a heavy fog, over damp earth darker than the shadow of the night, yet all is tinged with the nostalgic scent of classic cologne.
(notes) Primal Damp Earth, Rich Soil, Ancient Wood of Petrified Pines, Aged Oakwood, Classic Cologne
Size: 10.5oz, 300g