Guerrilla Group Displacement Padded Hoodie Black


  • [Front] Endless Rain Label Print
  • [Rear] Endless Rain Character Print
  • Premium Weave Cotton
  • Lightweight Padded Panel
  • Adjustable Hood with Elastic Cords
  • Adjustable Hem with Elastic Cords
  • GG PVC Patch on Arm
  • Endless Rain Silkscreen Prints
  • Fit : Loose
  • Front Pocket

  • Spring Snap
  • String Stopper Buckle

  • Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Origin: Japan

  • Technique : THERMOTRON® x MEGANA® by UNITIKA
  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Origin : Japan
  • Performance : DWR / Anti-Static / Heat-Retentive

Information : Based on the latest Japanese technology, as realized by Thermotron of UNITIKA, which converts sun light into thermal energy while storing heat without wasting it, a novel proposition is offered.By using special micro particles of Zirconium Carbide which allow the fabric to absorb and filter sunlight. The inner layer of the fabric withholds the heat generated and prevents it from becoming lost, thus providing a salutary effect on the human body.

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