Mad et Len Bougie Apothicaire Black Champaka Candle 300g

Poured in the French Alps, housed in blackened iron vessels hand-forged by Mad et Len’s own artisan blacksmiths, Mad et Len candles are gorgeous and daringly original. Each perfume is developed in-house using only raw, natural ingredients and 100% plant-based wax. Bougie apothecaire candles are topped with a handmade knobbed lid.

Monsoon season in the streets of Bombay, a rainbow reflected in puddles of the torrent, a laughing storm, a singing drop of rain, the great kaleidoscope of the world.
(notes) Droplets of Champaka, Volute of Benzoin And Balmy Resins.

Size: 10.5oz, 300g
Burn time: 65 hours

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