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Quality takes time, not shortcuts.

Every piece in the Knitwear collection has a unique story to tell. From the earliest sketches, to the materials, patterns and stitches, to the artisans who make them, each knit was crafted with intention. Taking an unexplored route has been an incredible adventure. For Canada Goose, it was worth it. They hope you think so, too.

Thermal Mapping®. Warmth, where you need it.

First introduced with our award-winning HyBridge® Lite Jacket, Thermal Mapping® technology increases breathability where your body needs it most. For the first time ever, Canada Goose is bringing Thermal Mapping® to Knitwear, featuring looser knits in areas that are proven to overheat.

When you only use one material,that material really matters.

Ultra-fine Merino wool from Argentina: durable, breathable, ethically sourced and exceptionally soft. When they found it, they knew this was Canada Goose’s wool of choice.

A product of the world, for those who explore it.

Canada Goose's skilled artisans are masters of their craft, sharing the same passion and commitment to quality.

Knit with purpose.

When they decided to explore Knitwear, they knew they had to take their time and do it right – the same way they’ve been designing parkas for the last 60 years. Canada Goose found themselves on a three-year journey around the world, searching for the best craftspeople and places to create exceptional knits.