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Introducing Henson | Handmade Artisanal Jewelry

We are creators.

We shape the earth to serve our needs. We shape our realities with the stories we tell.

Our hands create history. Our hands create beauty. Our hands build, destroy, and rebuild.

We are the alchemists that shape our world.

Australia’s Henson uses reclaimed precious metals and heirloom gemstones paired with bone, cured wood and leather to craft their jewelry piece by piece in Sydney.

Henson sees the beauty in that which already is and has always been. Their artisans are guides, leading the old into new forms.

When a rock is crushed, it becomes sand.

When wood is burned, it becomes ash.

When a body is spent, it becomes soil.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it is only transformed.

This is humanity’s endless capacity for reinvention.

This is Henson.

To learn more about Henson, the creative process, and inspirations behind the collection check out the video below.