Sunspel Spring 2015 New Arrivals: Modern Everyday Luxury

The English clothing manufacturer, established in 1860, offers the best in high quality basics. Shop the selection, available in store and online at Due West.

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The factory in Long Eaton, where they've been based since 1937, remains a vital part of Sunspel. Having their dedicated team of craftsmen means that the design team can execute their vision in the most exacting and precise manner possible.

Sunspel Fabrics: A Classic Mix of Art & Science

Quality 82, is a unique fine jersey knit cotton fabric and a descendent of the original lisle cotton Sunspel used on some of the earliest t-shirts ever made. It is constructed from long staple cotton, which is hand picked so that only the softest, highest quality fibres are selected. These are then combed to remove all imperfections before the cotton is spun into yarn and knitted to create a lightweight, soft, strong jersey fabric. All Sunspel t-shirts are made in the Q82 jersey knit.

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