Canada Goose Arctic Program Fall 2014 | New for Men

With 20 celebrated and iconic styles for men, the Canada Goose Arctic Program Collection consists of classic and authentic pieces that offer the best in extreme weather protection. 

Introducing the newest member of the Arctic Program Collection for Fall 2014 - the Selkirk parka. A hip-length parka that is a perfect option for those looking for warmth without fur on the hood. The fit is classified as Slim Insulated, and features a removable hood and Military button closures which contribute to the overall contemporary look. Ideal for those who don't need much warmth around the legs and want a style that's slimmer than the Chilliwack.

The Selkirk Parka from Canada Goose will be arriving within the coming months at Due West. 

The Selkirk Parka for Men in Black and Redwood