How To Spot A Fake Canada Goose Jacket

How to spot a fake Canada Goose jacket

With countless counterfeit websites offering replicated Canada Goose jackets, the team at Due West want to share with you the TOP SIX WAYS TO SPOT A FAKE Canada Goose jacket. The points below will help you become a more conscious consumer.

Retailer: Always purchase from an authorized Canada Goose retailer. Due West is an Official Authorized Retailer of all Canada Goose merchandise. Shop in store or online at

Beware of the cost: In most cases (but not always) counterfeit jackets are often sold at prices much lower than the actual retail cost. You will never see current Canada Goose products discounted by any authorized retailer. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Quality: Poor quality stitching is a sure indicator of counterfeit products. The famous Arctic Disc is often replicated, very poorly might we add. Key identifiers are poor details in the embroidery along with colour variations in the stitching and/or errors in the shapes of the maple leaves within our Arctic Disc. Amazingly, “Canada” and “Arctic” are sometimes spelled incorrectly.

Fur: Authentic Canada Goose fur ruffs are composed of coyote fur. They are functional in that they provide ultimate protection against frostbite on the face. Counterfeit fur looks scraggly, tangled and sometimes dirty. Coyote ruffs are also much softer than commonly used alternatives such as raccoon. A good indicator of a fake is poor seam quality on the hood.

Colours: Counterfeit products may be produced in colours that are not consistent or in line with Canada Goose styles. For confirmation on the official colour selection, please refer to the Canada Goose website.

Hologram: Introduced in the 2011 collection, a unique hologram is sewn into all Canada Goose jackets and accessories as proof of authenticity. The hologram, created exclusively for Canada Goose, features images or elements that can be seen from different angles and was designed to be difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce.

Protect yourself and those you care about by buying only authentic Canada Goose products. In doing so you may avert a possible health issue and/or being ripped off completely.


A note from Canada Goose on The Health Risks of Counterfeit Jackets:
"Like many best-in-class products, Canada Goose parkas are copied by counterfeiters who produce non-functional versions of the real thing. This practice is not only illegal, but also dangerous. After analyzing the content of many counterfeit jackets, we now know that in the place of the sanitized Canadian down that is used by Canada Goose, you will find feather mulch, coated in bacteria, fungus and mildew - a significant health risk. With no real down in a counterfeit jacket, the chances of freezing to death in extreme climate becomes a real possibility."

Please report any counterfeit sites you suspect to Canada Goose at