Nudie Jeans | How to Break in Your Dry Denim

Nudie Jeans

For many people, nothing beats the smell of a new pair of dry jeans - it's the smell of craftsmanship. At every stage, from the harvesting of the cotton, through to the indigo dyeing and the weaving, down to the sewing, men and women have used their hands to create your Nudie Jeans.

For some people, breaking in jeans is a sport. And for all of us, it's definitely a challenge. Follow this user guide on how to break in your dry denim and you'll be rewarded with great results.

  • Start with a pair of dry Nudie Jeans. For best results, choose heavy dry denim, 13 oz or more! The dry fabrics in lighter weights and stretch won't allow for the same strong abrasions and contrasts, and the fabric is not as strong as the heavyweight denims. Also, black denim does not have the same capacity to fade as indigo dyed jeans.
  • Wear your jeans everyday for at least 6 months. The longer you wear them the more character and attitude they acquire.
  • Rub with a damp cloth if you need to remove stains. 
  • If you need to get rid of a smell, hang your jeans outside in damp weather. The DWND staff members swear by this trick: tuck dryer sheets into the pockets of the jeans, fold them up and place them in a plastic bag and into the freezer for a few hours - it'll keep your jeans smelling fresh!
  • When it's finally time to wash your well-worn jeans, wash them inside out at 40 or 60 degrees Celsius. Stretch the inseam while the jeans are damp. Hang dry, don't tumble.

Compared to a new pair of dry jeans, the smell of a well-worn pair just before wash is a completely different matter. It's a smell that could most probably raise the dead - but it's most definitely the smell of a winner.